Important Dates

Collaboration between SITM & TEM

Both are established, aspiring institutions with many areas of common interest, including a firm commitment to student welfare and success, and, more importantly, big plans for the future. The Memorandum of Understanding formalizes the growing partnership between academics and research at TEM and SITM and sets out a number of specific areas where collaboration will bring the most benefit to the universities, their staff and students

Adding the institutions to the consortium would broaden its academic reach and round out the partnership. We see great opportunities that align with campus priorities we’re all looking at the same questions and it makes great sense to look at some of these things together.

The symposium is all about trying to foster those interconnections, noting that higher-education research partnerships normally form at the personal level – an inherent weakness that makes them difficult to sustain over time that’s why university officials have worked so hard to ensure the partnership – and others in the future – goes beyond one-to-one contacts and becomes integrated throughout the institution.

It takes the will and desire of the individual faculty and departments to make those connections really happen. Then it’s a matter of corralling them and pulling them all together. By pooling our limited resources we can do much bigger things. It becomes mutually beneficial if you do it right. Our partnerships can have an almost exponential effect, and not only do they lead to new relationships and research that produce new and innovative ideas and partnerships, they create answers.

Beyond the obvious academic benefits, the defined partnership with TEM and SITM presents cost-saving, economy of scale opportunities and a regional presence with a European Union member. Our future as a top-tier research university depends on maintaining global pre-eminence in an ever-changing competitive environment. That can only be achieved by reaching out, discovering new opportunities and then adding our footprints. SITM and TEM alliance is a kind of gateway to Europe. The university hasn’t had a go-to partnership like this that can take advantage of connections within the European Union.

Team approach

Collaborations between researchers at the two institutions started forming prior to the first meeting. In fact, already there are some collaborative projects being conducted between TEM and SITM.

A core feature of the strategic research symposia is the comprehensive engagement across multiple colleges, schools and faculties. Those engagement possibilities will continue to be actively pursued. TEM and SITM both have a lot to gain from close collaboration in higher education.

One particularly innovative feature of the partnership is the integration of the core missions of the two universities: education, research, public engagement and economic development.

By attending to the interest of all our stakeholders, namely students, faculty and the commercial and civic societies of the state of TEM and SITM, we aim to build an alliance that can provide global leadership in higher education, research collaboration and civic engagement. The upcoming January Summit and Joint MBA program is an opportunity to bring these strategic components of the partnership into focus.

The partnership is already adding value on both of the campuses. Next steps will be to implement it as a valuable alliance across many different disciplinary areas. There is the potential to have a critical impact on the issues facing both countries, as well as the entire world.